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Vorian with his trusty lute

Second son, and third child, of Lady Darlessa Blackmont, ruling Lady of House Blackmont. He's singer and a musician. He's talented with the lute.


Growing up Vorian had a frosty relationship with his brothers and father, who preferred the toils of knighthood and saw him as a little soft. Instead he developed a passion for singing and music, eventually becoming his mother's favourite singer at Castle Blackmont.

Important Events

Eighth Era

Vorian and his brothers were sent to Starfall to represent House Blackmont in the trade negotiations. His elder brother later confined him to the care of House Dayne, so he might ensure that House Blackmont gets a fair deal in any future negotiations.

In Starfall, he romantically grew close to Ashara Dayne, and composed many love songs for her. Through multiple exchanges of letters, Lady Arianne Dayne and Vorian's brother agreed to wed the two, in return for fair trade concessions.

Unfortunately, she assumed he was using her on behalf of his House and fled Starfall.


Darlessa Blackmont, his mother and ruler of Blackmont

Lucifer Blackmont, his elder brother and heir to House Blackmont

Helicent Blackmont, his sister by law

Elia Blackmont, his elder sister

Michael Blackmont, his younger brother

Myriah Blackmont, his younger sister