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Walder Bracken is the head of House Bracken and the Lord of Stone Hedge in the Riverlands. He is married


to Lady Shella and has five children with her: 4 sons and 1 daughter. He is 50 years old.


In his youth, Walder was a thick, powerful man. He would often participate in (and win) tournament melees using his favorite weapon, the mace.

After reaching middle age, Lord Walder became slothful and gluttonous. He currently rules over all Bracken lands from his seat, Stone Hedge.

Recent Events

After receiving an invitation from Brynden Frey, Lord Bracken decided to attend a feast at The Twins and bring his entire family and entourage with him.


Shella Bracken, his wife, age 41

Ser "Red" Walder Bracken, his son, age 19

Harlon Bracken, his son, age 17

Bryon Bracken, his son, age 16

Brandon Bracken, his son, age 13

Selyse Bracken, his daughter, age 10

Ser Raynald Bracken, his brother, age 45

Ser Meryn Bracken, his nephew, age 19