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Walys is a Flea Bottom bastard who makes his living as a traveling bard and sellsword.


Walys was born in King's Landing. His mother was a whore and his father's identity is uncertain. Though his living conditions were poor, Walys was well cared for by the whores. They took a liking to the boy, and worked together to bring him up as best they could. Even a few patrons helped out, either because they favored the lad or because they were fond of the whores, and offered him a few lessons with sword, shield, and horse. Those bits and pieces of training, over the course of his childhood, came together to give Walys an edge, at least when compared with other Flea Bottom children.

When Walys was ten and six years old, he set out from King's Landing, dissatisfied with life in the slums of the city. He sought adventure and his fortune. Since then, Walys has traveled the realm, selling his sword. He also strives to make a name for himself by writing and singing songs in taverns along the way.

Important Events

Sixth Era

After being chased out of Harrentown by the father of a maiden Walys deflowered, he headed north. Walys traveled to the Twins to seek the favor of the Lord Paramount Brynden Frey. Finding the Lord and his lady Alicent Baelish at odds with each other, and himself being not entirely welcome, Walys left the Twins after one performance.

While on the road, Walys was caught up in a violent argument with some smallfolk. After an escape through a second story window, the bard escaped his pursuers on horseback-- only to realize he'd made himself a horse thief. Ultimately, he chose not to turn himself or the horse in, and continued on.

Two sellswords were sent after him, whom Walys slayed.


"She glared at the bard. He seemed a simpering simpleton, a tittering twit of a boy who thought himself a man. No doubt the peasant girls and the wenches showered him with affections for his songs but he would find no such affectation from her." - Alicent Baelish