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Wolf Whore is a song written by Beren Merryweather which had him chased out of a market square in a small fishing village outside White Harbor. The song details the promiscuity of the Stark Lord Paramount.


North of the neck is a land made of snow

Where the men are all scrawny, for no food there will grow

The women are ugly, mixed with wildling blood

And they live in squat hovels, made out of mud

But life in the ice world wasn't always a bore

Not for the wolf pup, Lord Jojen the Whore

He drank and he fucked and he whored everyday

And the people of Winterfell stayed out of his way

For his cock wasn't the only thing known about him

He bore the gods' curse, as the slayer of kin

The ladies they loved him, cursed he may be

They lined up to fuck him, from the Wall to the sea

From Gods Grace to Bitter Bridge and even Crakehall

The women they flocked, the Wolf Whore had them all

The Stark Slut, they called him, for when it came time to pick

From the women who sought him, he gave ALL his -