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Wyman Manderly was the Lord of White Harbor.


Wyman Manderly was born first son to Lord Wendel and Lady Sybelle. He inherited White Harbor from his older brother Willas Manderly, who died childless. He had another older brother Robert Manderly, who became Lord of Highgarden during the Lion's Ascent.

As he aged he turned to the finer things in life, such as food and wine. He would much rather spend time entertaining guests in the Merman’s Court and eating delicious dishes and cuisines from all over the known world. He has a loud booming laugh and seems to be always in a good mood to his guests.

He was a man who looked to increase his power and prestige using soft power, but also commands a large garrison and fair size fleet for if the need ever arises.

Important Events

Fourth Era

Wyman wed a rich merchants daughter from Pentos. He then died of a fever after giving his wife's friends important positions in White Harbor. His edicts were later reversed by his cousin Androw Manderly, who seized the seat of White Harbor from his wife's son, allegedly a bastard and no child of Wyman.


Willas Manderly, brother (deceased)

Robert Manderly, brother (deceased)

Androw Manderly, cousin (deceased)

Cerrick Manderly, cousin (deceased)

Bella Manderly, cousin

Leona Manderly, cousin