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Lord Yohn Codd is the current head of House Codd and the captain of the Lamentation. He is the Lord of Codd Hall and is married to his sister Lady Talla Codd. Yohn wants nothing more than to improve the reputation of House Codd.


Lord Yohn grew up at Codd Hall with his bastard brother, Jory Pyke, and his sister, Talla Codd. He had good relations with both his father Bael Codd and his brother, and took a close relationship with his sister which eventually became a relationship. Once his father died, he quickly married his sister. He also became close friends with Ser Dagon the Boarbelly at some point.

Fifth Era

Shortly in the beginning of 505 AC, Lord Yohn got his wife with child. Now that Yohn has a child on the way, he seeks to make the Codds a noteworthy house in the Iron Isles.


"Talla.. Every Codd has known nothing but contempt from other houses. I understand we are not ashamed of who we are. But I am ashamed of what we are. If a few houses thought of us with disdain, i wouldn't mind. But when every house does, we are clearly doing something wrong. I don't want our child growing up with a House Codd that is known for its thieves, it's cowards, and rapists." - Lord Yohn Codd to his wife

Family Members

Bael Codd, his father (Deceased)

Talla Codd, his sister-wife (Deceased)

Tysane Codd, his daughter

Tysha Codd, his daughter

Jory Pyke, his bastard brother